«People often say, «It is impossible», only because they can no t do it themselves»
G. G. Agatsarsky

The project department of our company performs projects in water supply system, drain system, heating system, electrical network and low power networks. For the developing documentation on ventilation system and fire protection systems we employ subcontractors. Project structural engineer leads each building project, he consolidates and coordinates all sections among each other, and he is responsible for the schedules.

Construction companies often face the problem when the developed engineering design for engineering services can not be realized in practice for many reasons:

  • the cost of equipment the project organization pledged is more than the customer’s budget;
  • due to personal interest contractor uses the equipment of a certain brand which is much more expensive and sometimes worse analogues on the market; • old-fashioned equipment is used;
  • design engineers have no idea how the construction and assembly works are actually carried out.

In order not to become hostage of such circumstances, we work with several project companies that independently perform the preliminary calculations for a particular building project. Our engineers will analyze the received solutions and choose the best. We understand that the project documentation developing by our or subcontract project department is connected with the real customer’s money. Therefore, we constantly study market, know what the equipment or materials as cost, how long they are delivered. Thanks to the close project and mounting department cooperation we perform a project on which you can keep mounting, and engineering services system installed in the future on a building project fully corresponds to it.