«If advertisers spent on improving their products the money they spend
on advertising their products would not need advertising»

William Rogers

Selection the equipment can be conditionally divided into two directions:

  • selection the equipment for internal engineering services;
  • selection the appliances and electrical equipment for private homes or apartments, namely electrical accessory, indoor and outdoor lamps, speaker, television screens, projectors, home theater systems, equipment for computer networks, etc.

Today, the construction market has a plenty large enough range. In selecting equipment for engineering services we, first of all, pay attention to its specifications, reliability and compliance to the building regulation. This approach avoids the problems in the process of delivery and subsequent operation of the building project. At the same time, we are well oriented in the prices, and will not buy the equipment at unreasonably inflated value. To avoid the idlesse in the process of construction due to lack of certain equipment, our company cooperates with several suppliers. And we can always find a suitable analogue of the missing equipment.

The choice of equipment for private homes and apartments can be called as a creative process. Modern technologies allow to realize all the owner’s wishes. We will help you or your designer in the proper selection and placement of the necessary electrical equipment and appliances.