«If your work speaks for itself, do not interrupt it»
G. Kayzer

Mounting department of our company carries out the installation of the principal engineering services of the building project: power networks, water supply system, drain system, low power networks.

Today, the real estate market is built so many new buildings, particularly flat buildings, where the quality of engineering services is quite low. Real estate developers saved on materials and equipment. Technical solutions for the implementation one or another of service are taken with the principle "what is cheaper". At such building projects you may see more often than not that there are the cheapest valves or no valve in the ventilation apertures, and water pipes in two years have become rusty, and the place where the welding is carried out, are not processed properly, etc. You need much more funds to repair such flat than even the old houses. This saving is imaginary.

To avoid this from happening on our building projects, we set reliable equipment, meant for many years operating. In addition to that we take care about the correct installation of all engineering services. Flat buildings, where we set up engineering services, are truly exemplary.