«It is no sense to hire understanding people, and then tell them what to do.
We hire people to tell us what we do»

S. Jobs

General contract is an integrated construction service. Making a contract with the customer, we enter into commitments to implement whole sphere of duties, including:

  • the construction process control of internal engineering services;
  • selection of equipment and materials, its accountability;
  • selection subcontractors;
  • interaction with cooperating organizations;
  • follow-up of works in accordance with schedules;
  • commissioning of a facility, coordination with the licensing authorities.

On the market today there are many prime contractor-companies which in all of its building projects set the same type of system of engineering services, regardless of the building project destination and the customer's requirements. This, in our opinion, is limited by their knowledge in this area.

The company «GOAL» includes a project department, which develops engineering services for each building project according with costs and targets set by the employer. Our mounting sub-divisions are engaged in communication services and installation of power networks, water supply system, drain system, low power networks. To perform work on ventilation system and fire protection systems we employ subcontractors. When selecting those we follow not only the cost of services, but also study their previous experience with similar building projects, the availability of the trained personnel and the necessary building permits.

The result of our work is the current system of engineering services that performs all the customer’s requirements.